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REG Bio-Power

REG Bio-Power recovers waste cooking oil into a patented bioliquid which is used to generate clean electricity in our bespoke power stations.

The company has established a countrywide network of collection tanks installed at local authority household waste sites along with a substantial logistics business that collects from Commercial and Industrial sources. Through an entirely additive-free patented process of filtration and sedimentation at our purpose-built plant, we convert used cooking oil into our LF100 bioliquid.

In 2010, the Department of Energy and Climate Change funded an in-depth study into the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) benefits of using of vegetable oils for electricity, heat, transport and industrial purposes. The findings showed that of these applications, the highest absolute savings in emissions is achieved using refined vegetable oil derived from used cooking oil to generate energy.

Since 2008 our power stations, fuelled by LF100, have clocked up many thousands of hours generating renewable power.

REG Bio-Power operates our contracts to supply Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) to the National Grid. Our fleet has proven perfectly suited to meeting the National Grid’s requirement for power at short notice at times of unscheduled demand, helping keep the lights on at UK homes and businesses since 2011.